Good news for matric students result Punjab Board 2021

Good news for matric students result Punjab Board 2021

Good news for matric students What I was waiting for, today the wait is over your result is out 😍😎 Friends, do not be upset, you have got their result absolutely. Waiting clocks are over, the time of prayers begins, friends, I am your friend, I have come to tell you when your result is going to come. Good news for matric students result Punjab Board 2021

I hope you all live in friends, you know that the result of inter has been announced on October 14, 2021 is correct, now let’s talk about the result of matric, when the result of matric is going to come

Today it is going to be talked about when your result will come, the paper was given on the day of matriculation, students are also very upset that when our results will come, since when are you waiting, then the same time your waiting is over, Punjab government has announced that

That the result of the children who had given the matriculation examination is 16 October 2021 at 5:00 pm
Your result will reach you everywhere, that’s why you can get your result from anywhere by giving your roll number, you can know your result

Dude, it’s done, what is your result, has come on 16th October is ok at 5:00 pm, you can also know your result comfortably

Now it will be talked about, you have said that all of us will be passed, so what is the truth in this, that too I will tell you in these details

Friends, as everyone knows that people were put down because of the corona due to which all the educational institutions, which are educational institutions, were completely closed, due to which that more and more have to be run, should be prepared and who comes, whatever is there, You people go like all the educational institutes were closed, after which the children say that they have no facility provided by the government so that they can not study comfortably sitting at home.

Some students did not have internet facility, meaning they did not have computer or mobile, so they could not take online classes.

And some children did not study in the same way, saying we did not get time
Some children cry only one cry that always call the college and call the school, we should whiten a teacher so that we can study which was impossible at that time.

All these situation hands have all these troubles, even the children who tolerated it, even thought about it, who is who we are, he told slowly to the education that all the children on whom they give the form will be passed.

Educational minister should be done, it was said that the children who have given money this year of the check will be passed to all those who have given papers

Meaning the children who claimed to pass it on to all those who Give papers

Now let me give you an example, what is the way to pass the card to the children.

Now let me tell you that as you know that the selected papers were given because of the size emphasis, there will be only 3 papers, commerce students will have only four papers.

So friends, now that you have given only three or four papers

How was the calculation of those papers that even if some supply comes to you, then you will be passed by giving a few numbers, passing marks will be decided and will be promoted.

From this year, the children who had given all the pamphlets have been claimed to have passed them all.

In the same way as if a child gave only 1 paper due to some compulsion or due to some reason, then that child will also be promoted after passing it Because this time has passed by seeing a lot of trouble for everyone

It is left that all the children are nearby, they will not be worried, what will be made, what will not be made, then all the children are near, your result is coming on 16th, at 5:00 pm, then you will give your result comfortably.

I will tell you how this special exam will be conducted, the intermediate ones will definitely not conduct the exam from

So Intermediate people have special exam they will be conducted from November 27
While there will be special exams for the matriculates, they will be conducted from December 11

So friends, you have to tell all kinds of information, best regards, it has been told nearby.

Now you don’t have to worry about that so it is for all of you that the ALLAH should make all of you successful Amen

A piece of paper can’t decides my future😅
But Decide my wedding date

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